Garden Glass Windows
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About the Artist

Lynn Gillis - the Artist
I have been passionate about creating original art, interior design and visual display for over 25 years. These interests combined with a love of gardening resulted in the invention of Garden Glass Windows.

I hope you can understand a little bit about me from my work. My windows might tell you that I love transforming things, making something beautiful from nothing (trash to treasure!) and I believe wholeheartedly in recycling. Thereís nothing I like better than taking a found or yard sale object and making it into something new and wonderful. Obviously, I also have a great fondness for all that glitters!

I say my gratitude prayers every day that I am able to follow my bliss and give free creative reign to all my artistic dreams.

I infuse each window with a special part of myself. I hope you derive as much pleasure from owning one as I do from creating one. It is my wish that Garden Glass Windows will fill your home and garden with sparkling light and color for many years to come.

You canít use up CREATIVITY. The more you use, the more you have... Maya Angelou

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Garden Glass Windows • Lynn Gillis, Artist
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